1222 Mw Sercomm Ces2023 Promo

Sercomm Brings Next-Gen IP Streamers, AI-Powered Smart-Home Devices, and Small Cells to CES

Dec. 29, 2022
The company’s offerings encompass a wide range of broadband connectivity, smart-home, and home entertainment applications.

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Sercomm will be at CES 2023 to display its latest products for broadband connectivity, smart homes, and home entertainment. Demonstrations at Sercomm’s Palazzo hotel suite will spotlight the company’s robust portfolio of technologies and solutions, including next-gen IP streaming devices, AI-powered smart-home devices and IoT sensors, and advanced wireless and wired broadband connectivity solutions for 4G/5G small cells, 5G FWA, DOCSIS, PON, Wi-Fi 6E/7, and more.

Product demonstrations and solutions on display include:

  • Next-generation IP streamers and set-top boxes (STBs), including RDK and Android-based software capable of 4K streaming. Sercomm’s latest STBs also support video conferencing, including STB-to-STB and STB-to-phone communication, as well as monitoring smart-home cameras and IoT sensors for simple and comprehensive home security. Additionally, Sercomm will unveil a new, cloud-based video analytics platform.
  • Small-cell network with multi-operator core network (MOCN) functionality, connecting a single eNodeB to multiple core networks. Demonstrations will feature a live setup with full functionality using SIMs from multiple mobile network providers, including integration with CBRS-connected cameras with video analytics and monitoring software solution, as well as a cloud-based unified device management (UDM) solution.
  • AI-powered smart-home and IoT devices, which expand smart-home security to include jobsite security monitoring, commercial video and access control, SMG/MDU IoT solutions, mobile IoT devices, and more. Sercomm will introduce several new products including a low-cost AI-powered indoor/outdoor camera for the DIY market, a new LTE-CAT1 camera, and the integration of radar technology for cameras to improve threat identification. Additionally, Sercomm’s entire portfolio of IoT sensors now supports the Matter protocol for enhanced reliability and security.

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