1220 Mw Novator Solutions Hugin 200 Multichannel Receiver Promo

Small Networked Receiver Packs 4 Radios and 512 DDCs

Dec. 15, 2020
Listen to narrow-band signals by the bucketful with this versatile and highly capable receiver.

With four independent 80-MHz radios sharing 512 individually configurable digital downconverters (DDCs), Novator Solutions’ new HUGIN 200 is a small footprint, networked, multi-channel receiver that enables listening to hundreds of narrow-band communications signals at a low cost/signal ratio. The unit’s server/client architecture is optimized for real-time performance which continuously streams individual channelized signals in parallel to multiple remote computers and servers.

The large amount of individually configurable DDCs, also known as digital drop receivers, combined with the robust server-client architecture and optional analog demodulation in real time, means the HUGIN 200 is optimized for demanding applications such as communication and spectrum surveillance. HUGIN 200 is also a suitable multichannel receiver choice in digital multichannel telemetry systems which are being used for measuring a larger number of sensors on rotating equipment where wired data transfer is not possible. Typical applications include aero and industrial turbine testing.

The receiver is available with 256 DDCs including AM, FM, SSB, and CW demodulation; or optionally with 512 DDCs and I/Q data stream. A number of DDC parameters can be individually configured, such as center frequency, sample rate/bandwidth, gain, filter, demodulation, or I/Q. Each DDC output can be streamed to a specific IP address for further inline processing. The four independent 80-MHz radios can be tuned between 10 MHz to 6 GHz.

Novator Solutions, www.novatorsolutions.com

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