Wi-Fi Automation Platform Now Supports Wi-Fi 6 and Adds Security Features

July 21, 2020
Version 3.0 of Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform adds more detailed AP classification.

In the third generation of its Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP), Wyebot has expanded the platform’s security features and enhanced user experience with support for Wi-Fi6 (802.11ax) and more detailed access-point (AP) classification. The WIP combines on-premise sensor hardware and cloud-based, vendor-agnostic, software that integrates seamlessly with any existing network infrastructure. Its advanced wireless optimization algorithms work alongside next-generation predictive analytics to identify potential threats or problems to keep the Wi-Fi network up and running reliably and efficiently, all while providing actionable steps to optimize performance.

WIP now can run its full suite of remote-capable network tests using Wi-Fi 6 technology and will identify all Wi-Fi 6 access points and clients using its device fingerprinting. The company also expanded WIP’s security features to classify all detected APs as Mine, Known, Unknown, and Unauthorized. Automatic alerts are sent for any detected Unknown and Unauthorized APs.

Additional new features include expanded end user experience metrics and optimized network test workflows.


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