Empower RF Systems
0720 Mw Empower 2225 Amplifier

C-Band Amp Delivers 90 kW With Liquid-Cooled GaN Output Devices

July 10, 2020
Modular amplifier pumps up CW and pulse power in EW, radar, directed energy, and satellite communications applications.

With a solid-state GaN design replacing tube technology, Empower RF Systems' Model 2225 is a long-duty-cycle, pulsed amplifier operating from 5.2 to 5.9 GHz with a liquid-cooled and scalable architecture. The amplifier serves EW, radar, directed energy, and satellite communications applications in which many kilowatts of CW and pulse power are required. This new modern architecture offers scalability for affordable upgrade paths to future power needs by adding hardware to an existing system. Additional racks can be combined, and for racks not fully populated, 2U amplifier drawers can be added without the need for tuning.   

The amplifier system layout consists of a system controller in a 3U form factor and up to 16 hot-swappable 2U amplifier drawers, with each amplifier drawer containing an integrated power supply in its 2U chassis. This arrangement eliminates the risk of an RF section or single power-supply failure taking the entire amplifier offline. In the event of a failure, only a fractional reduction of output power occurs, and the amplifier system remains online.

The system is capable of asymmetrical and random pulse-width (100 ns to 500 µs) and duty-cycle operation and features full digital peak and RMS detection for accurate metering. Each 2U amplifier module is digitally set for phase and gain.

Empower RF Systems, www.empowerrf.com

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