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Closing the Circles

March 4, 2020
Returning to this industry, but embarking on a new path, is in a way like coming full circle.

Sometimes it seems that life goes in circles. After an absence from the EOEM B2B media world of over seven years, I’ve come back around to a wonderful opportunity to take the editorial reins here at Microwaves & RF (MWRF). I look forward to exploring the world of high-frequency design and development. I’ll have the pleasure of picking the brains of the industry’s leaders in pursuit of the information you need to get your job done efficiently and effectively. As always, you’ll find deep dives into technical topics, the latest new products and technologies, and industry news and insights both here in print and online at

Of course, I follow some tough acts. For one, MWRF is the “House that Mr. Microwaves Built,” and “Mr. Microwaves” is none other than Jack Browne, who continues to contribute to the magazine through his work on the Defense Electronics supplement, an edition of which appears in this issue. Jack led Microwaves & RF for many years, and we’re grateful to have his estimable experience and industry knowledge to tap.

My immediate predecessor, Chris DeMartino, did a fine job helming the magazine for some five years or so. Chris has returned to his engineering roots with Modelithics, but he didn’t run off and forget us. Rather, he got busy co-authoring this issue’s centerpiece article on electromagnetic co-simulation with measurement-based models.

Hmm… simulation, models, and the mysterious black art of analog design… where have I seen that before? Of course! In my last stint at our sister publication, Electronic Design, I covered electronic design automation (EDA) as well as test and measurement. That closes yet another circle of life for me. I always enjoyed those beats because they’re both so foundational to the discipline of electronic engineering itself.

In joining the team here at Endeavor Business Media, I’m pleased to find some familiar faces. Bill Wong, an old colleague, does double duty as content director of our group and editor of Electronic Design. Roger Engelke Jr. is another veteran who does a ton of unsung behind-the-scenes editorial work. And Tony Vitolo, with whom I go back the longest, is our group design director, making us all look good by ensuring that our pages stay modern and attractive.

I’ll be hitting the road soon for some of our industry’s key conferences and exhibitions, including APEC (this month in New Orleans) and the International Microwaves Symposium (June, Los Angeles). I’ll be sure to let you know what I see and hear. And, if you should run across me, stop and say hello so we can close that circle, too.

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