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Faraday Showcases FPGA-Go-ASIC, SONOS eFlash, and eFPGA Solutions

July 7, 2023
The ASIC design service and IP provider displays a comprehensive array of offerings for a multitude of applications.

This article is part of our Design Automation Conference 2023 coverage.

Faraday Technology comes to Booth 2343 at DAC to discuss its comprehensive line of design services and IP, putting the spotlight on three product offerings:

Faraday's FPGA-Go-ASIC service (see image above) is a comprehensive solution for designers converting an FPGA design to an ASIC, including design services, IP, and a long-term supply commitment. The conversions are said to deliver higher performance with lower system costs, power usage, and board area. These ASICs find use in base stations and small cells, medical imaging, smart grid, industrial robot, and other product areas.

In collaboration with Infineon, Faraday has developed a SONOS eFlash platform for UMC’s 40-nm uLP process. It encompasses eFlash subsystem IP, including controller, timing, and cache functions, with a complete eFlash testing solution. The platform simplifies the utilization of flash-memory technology to meet the demands of AI, smart grid, IoT, and MCU applications.

Also, in partnership with QuickLogic, Faraday now provides an embedded FPGA (eFPGA) solution. This IP solution includes a comprehensive FPGA design and programming software ecosystem to integrate FPGA fabric into ASIC designs, facilitating seamless, flexible post-silicon modifications.

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