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Ampleon Debuts GaN and LDMOS Devices for Wireless Infrastructure, Aerospace & Defense, and More

June 18, 2022
The company will show selected key products from its wireless infrastructure portfolio, including integrated mMIMO RF solutions.

This article is part of our IMS2022 coverage.

At Ampleon’s IMS2022 Booth 8068, you can see several new gallium nitride (GaN) and LDMOS solutions intended for use in wireless infrastructure, aerospace and defense, NCC (non-cellular communication), ISM (industrial, scientific and medical), cooking and defrosting applications.

Selected key products from the company’s wireless infrastructure portfolio will include GaN and LDMOS RF power solutions for 4G and 5G base station applications. Additionally, on display will be Ampleon’s highly efficient small-cell power amplifier portfolio that enables high output powers in footprint compatible packages.

A variety of integrated massive MIMO RF solutions, suitable for use in all 5G frequency bands for 64T and 32T systems, will also be shown. RF power amplifiers for high-power macro base stations are offered with the LDMOS Doherty drivers and GaN final stage devices for a wide range of output power. The integrated LDMOS Doherty drivers, including models B11G2327N70D and B11G3338N80D, have the carrier, peaking device, input splitter, output combiner and pre-match all in a compact PQFN package. The C4H10P600A—a 600-W GaN packaged asymmetric Doherty power transistor for base station applications—operates at frequencies from 700 MHz to 1 GHz.

The Ampleon booth will also showcase the latest RF power amplifiers from the industrial, medical, aerospace, and broadband domains including new next-generation GaN amplifiers for broadband, L- and S-Band applications and an exclusive preview of rugged GaN amplifiers that have been pre-matched for industrial applications at 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz.

As part of Ampleon’s show presence, senior team members will present technical papers. Ammar Issaoun will talk about a “GaN characterization method towards linearizability prediction” on Tuesday, June 21 at 3:10 p.m. in the Interactive Forum Area, room 2A-2B. Fred van Rijs will present “A 39-W Fully Digital Wideband Inverted Doherty Transmitter” on Wednesday, June 23 at 2.40 p.m. in room 501-502.

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