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Bluetooth LE SoC Suits IoT, Smart Home, and Industrial Use Cases

Jan. 5, 2022
Infineon’s latest AIROC Bluetooth SoC combines low power consumption and high performance in a range of BLE connectivity applications.

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The Overview

Infineon Technologies is launching the AIROC CYW20829 Bluetooth LE system on chip (SoC), a Bluetooth 5.3 core spec-compliant device for IoT, smart home, and industrial applications. Combining low power and high performance, the SoC supports the entire spectrum of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) use cases for home automation, sensors, lighting, Bluetooth Mesh, remote controls, and any other Bluetooth LE-connected IoT application.

Who Needs It & Why?

Designers of smart, connected devices will find great utility in the device’s combination of low power consumption and high performance. It’s designed with efficient peripheral design, low-leakage silicon with scalable and efficient MIPS, and a low-power Bluetooth radio. The result, says Infineon, is reliable, robust connections for a quality end-product user experience.

Under the Hood

The new device integrates a power amplifier with 10 dBm of transmit output power and has receive sensitivity of -98.5 dBm for LE and -106 dBm for LE-LR, providing 125-kb/s data transfer rates for the best link budget in the AIROC Bluetooth portfolio. The best-in-class RF performance offers reliable, robust connectivity without compromising low power—making the CYW20829 suitable for a wide range of applications in smart home, smart building, medical, industrial, mesh, and human interface devices (such as a keyboard, mouse, remote control, and so on).

The CYW20829 is the first Infineon AIROC Bluetooth SoC to use the ARM Cortex M33. The Bluetooth LE subsystem is architected for low current consumption with a highly optimized radio and an ARM Cortex M33 core focused as the Bluetooth controller. A second ARM Cortex M33 with a floating-point unit is dedicated for customer applications and can be clocked up to 96 MHz to provide high performance compute at low power.

The application sub-system is highly integrated with configurable serial communication blocks that can be turned into UART/I2C/SPI as needed, multiple timer/counter pulse-width modulators, I2S, PDM, CAN, and LIN interfaces. Security is built into the platform architecture with a ROM-based root of trust, a TRNG, eFuse for custom keys, and cryptography acceleration. For added flexibility, AIROC CYW20829 also supports XIP from external flash as well as encryption on the fly for content on the flash.

The AIROC CYW20829 is supported by ModusToolbox, a collection of easy-to-use software and tools enabling rapid development of Bluetooth-enabled IoT solutions.


The AIROC CYW20829 Bluetooth LE SoC is currently sampling to select customers.

Check out our CES 2022 coverage.

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