1020 Mw Murata Wirepas Io T Connectivity

Murata, Wirepas Team on Industrial IoT Connectivity

Oct. 3, 2020
The former’s embedded Bluetooth module pairs with the latter’s wireless connectivity software to enable massively scalable industrial IoT implementations.

Creating an industrial IoT implementation requires hardware and software. To that end, Murata has integrated Wirepas’s Mesh wireless connectivity software with its MBN 52832 embedded Bluetooth modules, providing a means to implementation of industrial-grade, large-scale IoT applications for low-power sensor networks.

The combination of Wirepas Mesh with the MBN52832 module provides application developers with a connectivity layer, enabling data collection, device management, and location tracking across multiple applications, including asset management, smart lighting, and industrial IoT. The ultra-low power characteristics of the MBN52832 module, coupled with the Wirepas Mesh routing technology, enables a sensor battery life of over 5 years and supports up to 4 billion devices in a single network.

Wirepas Mesh wireless connectivity software technology includes all the networking intelligence required to form a resilient and large-scale wireless mesh network. Wirepas Mesh enables all devices in the network to function as routers for other devices, creating a self-healing network, optimized by local decision making to reach unlimited scalability, coverage, and density while using the available radio spectrum as efficiently as possible.

The MBN52832 Bluetooth Low Energy module enables ultra-low power connectivity for data communications. It integrates Nordic Semiconductor’s Bluetooth Low Energy IC, an RF front end, and crystal into a very small form factor. A built-in Arm Cortex M4 core with 64 kB of RAM and 512 kB of flash provides a high-performance engine and rich interface for a variety of IoT applications, including medical and healthcare and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

Murata, www.murata.com; Wirepas, www.wirepas.com

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