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Third-Gen 5G mmWave ICs Simplify Active-Antenna-Array Design

Feb. 27, 2020
Anokiwave’s latest millimeter-wave 5G ICs deliver a complete RF signal chain for 24/26-GHz, 28-GHz, and 37/39-GHz bands.

In its third generation of silicon ICs for millimeter-wave (mmWave) 5G communications, Anokiwave offers a complete RF signal-chain platform for all millimeter-wave bands in play, including 24/26 GHz, 28 GHz, and 37/39 GHz, while providing extensive functionality that simplifies the design of active antenna arrays. The scalable architecture underpinning the IC family supports everything from mmWave 5G macro cells to small cells to customer premises equipment (CPE).

The chips, which are available now in mass-market quantities, span the 5G use-case spectrum with intelligent array solutions. Anokiwave partner GLOBALFOUNDRIES provides full turnkey production and mmWave test capabilities. High levels of integration, three generations of experience in active-antenna ICs, and cost structures that come with fabrication on 300-mm-diameter wafers result in a chip family that’s well-suited for base stations and small cells that resemble Wi-Fi access points.

The ICs are each packaged in a small WLCSP (wafer-level chip-scale package), easily fitting within the small lattice spacings at mmWave levels. Anokiwave offers evaluation kits to ease adoption of the technology and capabilities. The kits include boards with the IC, USB-SPI interface module with drivers, and all required cables.