FlexMatrix switch matrices

Switch matrices in the FlexMatrix family are available in a variety of input/output configurations at frequencies to 40 GHz. 

Switch Matrices Control DC to 40 GHz

The FlexMatrix switch matrix family from SenarioTek now offers a variety of different switching configurations from DC through 40 GHz, including blocking, differential, and expandable switching formats. Suitable for applications such as commercial and military radar, communications, electronic-warfare, and test systems, these switches can achieve delay matching within ±1 ps for signal pairs. These rack-mountable switch units can be equipped with local-area-network (LAN), general-purpose interface bus (GPIB), and Universal Serial Bus (USB) control, and include Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) remote controls. The switch matrices are also equipped with on-board memory for de-embedding correction files.

These off-the-shelf switch matrices are available in a wide range of switching configurations ranging from as small as 2 × 4 to as massive as 36 × 36. Standard frequency ranges include DC to 6 GHz, DC to 26.5 GHz, and DC to 40 GHz. For switch matrices operating from DC to 6 GHz, the typical VSWR is 1.35:1 even for units as large as 1 × 24 matrices. The insertion loss through 6 GHz is only 0.40 dB for configurations as large as 1 × 12 matrices and only 0.60 dB for configurations as large as 1 × 36 operating from DC to 6 GHz, with typically 85 dB isolation between inputs and outputs from DC to 6 GHz.

The rack-mountable switch assemblies are designed for repeatability of × 0.06 dB for units operating through 26.5 GHz and × 0.01 dB for units operating through 40 GHz. The assemblies are rated for individual switching speed of 15 ns and power-handling capability of 1 W. Switch assemblies through 26.5 GHz are rated for 10 million terminated or unterminated switching operations while assemblies for DC to 40 GHz are rated for terminated or unterminated switching lifetimes of 2 million switching operations. Units through 26.5 GHz are equipped with precision SMA connectors while units operating through 40 GHz are fitted with precision 2.92-mm coaxial connectors. Options include rear-facing switches and front-panel LCD screens. The switch assemblies are designed for operating temperatures of 0 to +55° C.

SenarioTek, 1201 Corporate Center Pkwy., Santa Rosa, CA 95407; (707) 544-2770, FAX: (866) 409-7626 

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