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Lansdale Promotes McNaughton to QA Manager

Lansdale Promotes McNaughton to QA Manager

Michael McNaughton was recently promoted to QA Manager of Lansdale Semiconductor, with the focus being on quality assurance and control functions.

Lansdale Semiconductor, a leading manufacturer of semiconductors for commercial, industrial, and military applications, promoted Michael “Mac” McNaughton to Quality Assurance (QA) Manager. McNaughton has been employed for more than 30 years at Lansdale/Motorola and has been involved in the company’s high-reliability (hi-rel) activities. According to R. Dale Lillard, President of Lansdale, “McNaughton will be responsible for all the company’s quality assurance and control functions, including Lansdale’s ISO9001/2015 Certification and the Qualified Military Line to MIL-PRF-38535 requirements.”

For many specifiers, Lansdale represents a source of long-available and earlier integrated-circuit (IC) designs as well as modern, state-of-the-art semiconductor technology. The company continues to produce over 3000 ICs, many from earlier developers such as Motorola, National Semiconductor, Fairchild, Harris, and Intel Corp. The firm follows an exclusive lifecycle management program to ensure customers of the availability of their devices. In his latest role, NcNaughton will ensure not only availability but the highest quality and reliability.

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