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50-V LDMOS Transistors Target TV Broadcast Transmitters

TO SERVE TV TRANSMITTERS employing both analog and digital modulation formats, the MRF6V3090N RF power LDMOS transistor delivers 90 W peak output power at 1-dB compression with greater than 40 percent efficiency through the ultra-high-frequency (UHF) band. As a linear driver, the MRF6V3090N achieves 21 dB power gain and 12 percent drain efficiency with an average output power of 4.5 W based on a DVB-T OFDM signal. The transistor offers an adjacentchannel power ratio (ACPR) of 68 dBc over a 4-kHz integration bandwidth at a 4-MHz offset. As an analog or digital TV final for low-power repeaters, the device has typical UHF broadband performance of greater than 40 percent efficiency with 21 dB gain and an IM3 of less than 30 dBc. The MRF6V3090N can be used in a single-ended or push-pull configuration.

Freescale Semiconductor, 6501 William Cannon Dr. West, Austin, TX 78735; Internet:

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