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GaN Power Amplifier Boosts 225 To 1215 MHz

In an IMS exhibition floor noteworthy for its number of new GaN product announcements, RFMD showed its model RFHA1006 GaN power amplifier with high efficiency and flat gain across an instantaneous bandwidth of 225 to 1215 MHz. Suitable for continuous-wave (CW) and pulsed use, it is a good match for radar, wireless infrastructure, and two-way radios. The amplifier features an input-matched GaN transistor packaged in an air-cavity ceramic housing for excellent thermal stability and dissipation of heat. The amplifier requires external output impedance matching. It delivers 9 W (+39.5 dBm) output power from 225 to 1215 MHz with 16-dB gain. It is designed for use from a +28-VDC supply and achieves 60% power-added efficiency (PAE). For more on the model RFHA1006 GaN amplifier, visit RFMD at booth No. 1210.

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