Submit a New Product for an Edge Award

May 7, 2024
The 2024 Edge Award submission process has begun.

What you’ll learn:

  • What are the Edge Awards?
  • Why should you submit a product for consideration.
  • What publications and product areas are part of the Edge Awards?

Submissions are now being accepted for the Edge Awards.

What are the Edge Awards? Formerly known as the IDEA Awards, the Edge Awards celebrate the innovative products, technologies, systems, and services to enhance engineering design for a more effective solution development and integration. We divide entries into one of 14 categories.  

Why Enter?

Entering your new product(s) in the Edge Award competition will provide exposure for your products and your company. Accepted entries will receive online coverage of their product to be distributed through our various channels, including magazines, newsletters, websites, and social media.

Who Can Vote

Voting will be open ONLY to all eligible and qualified readers of Machine Design, Electronic Design, Power & Motion, Microwaves & RF, Laser Focus World, Military + Aerospace Electronics, and Vision Systems Design who work in the engineering community. Ineligible votes from non-qualified participants will not be considered.

Eligibility Terms

There is no limit to the number of product entries. You can submit as many new products as you like.

What Constitutes a “New Product”?

All products must have been introduced for the first time within a 12-month period beginning May 27, 2023, and ending May 27, 2024. Significant upgrades to existing products may be submitted, but they will be accepted at the discretion of the editorial staff. Entrants may submit products in a specific category, though that category may be changed at the discretion of the editorial staff.

Deadlines and Pricing

  • Early Bird Deadline: May 27, 2024
  • Early Bird Price: $525
  • Final Entry Deadline: June 21, 2024
  • Regular Submission Price: $625

Winners and Honorees, and the Leading Edge Award Winner

There will be a winner and two honorees highlighted for each category (categories subject to change at the editors' discretion contingent on the scope of products received). Winners will receive a physical award commemorating their product’s win to showcase at your office and at your booth at key industry events. The single product that receives the highest number of votes across all categories will receive the Leading Edge Award.

Submitting Edge Award Products

Start by setting up an Edge Award account. You can then add your product(s) to the list.

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