2022 Salary Survey Mwrf Version

Voice Your Views! The Salary & Career Survey is Now Open

Sept. 27, 2022
Our annual industry survey looks at the pandemic, workforce hiring, and compensation.

This is part of our annual Salary Survey series

The 2022 Salary & Career Survey, presented by Microwaves & RF, will take the pulse of electronic industry leaders like you at the end of another challenging year. The 2022 Salary & Career Survey will go beyond the numbers to ask about how engineers and developers are contending with the latest technology, working and deliver details. 

“This survey of industry professionals is part of a continuing effort by Electronic Design to survey the industry and gather the thoughts and views of the people who work every day to improve operational productivity, safety and effectiveness,” said William Wong, Senior Content Director for Microwaves & RF. “We’ll be using the data throughout the year to look at specific segments of the market and try to understand and then inform our global audience about trends in manufacturing.”

Among the workplace trends to be surveyed is the increase in work-from-home during the pandemic, whether and why key personnel are taking other jobs within manufacturing, and how collaboration among workers has changed in the past year.

On the salary side, the survey asks about compensation packages, including bonuses and benefits, and asks respondents their views on the state of the workforce and what measures can be used to improve hiring. It also asks respondents about their own career plans.

All responses are anonymous unless permission is granted. All results will be published online later this year.

Begin the survey here.

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