Jazz Semiconductor Releases Varactor Model

Semiconductor wafer foundry Jazz Semiconductor(R) has announced the availability of its metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) varactor model libraries for developers of wireless and other high-frequency devices and circuits. The models are based on the use of the foundry's 0.13- and 0.18-micron analog-intensive-mixed-signal (AIMS) foundry processes. The new varactor model improves simulation accuracy reducing product development time and is integrated as a standard component in Jazz's Design Enablement platform that also includes the previously announced Jazz Inductor Toolbox (JIT) and X-Sigma statistical simulation suite. The MOSVAR model is an advanced surface potential-based MOS varactor model compatible with the PSP MOSFET model and was approved and released by the semiconductor industry Compact Model Council (CMC) in December 2007 as the first industry-standard MOS varactor model. The model helps in the development of frequency-tuned circuits, such as voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs).

Jazz Semiconductor (www.jazzsemi.com)

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