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Conductive Foams Shield Cell Phones

Condux Plus™ electrically conductive foams provide excellent electrical conductivity, consistent mechanical properties, and outstanding electromagnetic (EM) shielding capabilities. These attributes enhance conductivity and improve shielding performance in small wireless devices, such as cellular telephones. The materials are available in different thicknesses (0.33, 0.53, and 0.73 mm) to serve a variety of circuit and package configurations. They feature consistent and reliable connectivity while also offering excellent mechanical stability over time and temperature. The typical compression set for 0.021-in.-thick (0.53-mm-thick) Condux Plus foam is only 2.5%. Condux Plus foam can also be used as an electromagnetic-interference (EMI) shielding material, with superb shielding effectiveness (SE) over a wide operating frequency range of 200 MHz to 10 GHz. Condux Plus materials are RoHS and REACH compliant, and will not deform with processing.

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