Engineering Startup Makes PCBs Accessible to Next-Generation Electrical Engineers

Nov. 25, 2020
Ordering prototype quantities of PCBs is as simple as uploading your Gerber files.

Every circuit design project starts somewhere, whether it’s breadboarded or built up bug-style. Eventually, that project will need to be prototyped. Gerber Labs, a startup based in Tustin, CA, is rolling out a platform that makes custom printed circuit boards (PCBs) accessible to electrical engineering students, hobbyists, and small businesses.

Getting your hands on a custom PCB can sometimes present hassles. If you’re a large business or manufacturer, a traditional PCB house will spin you a prototype in anticipation of a large order down the road. But that often entails working through salespeople and/or overseas reps. PCB’s traditionally have only been accessible for large businesses and manufacturers. Gerber Labs is changing this by making PCBs available in prototype quantities to the consumer and small-business markets.

On the company’s website, ordering a PCB is as simple as uploading, yes, you guessed it: a Gerber file of the board layout. Gerber Labs can produce 2- or 4-layer PCBs that follow their design rules. The basics: maximum board size is 500 x 500 mm with trace width and spacing of 0.15 mm. If you’re new to ordering PCBs, the site offers some resources to help you get started.

As part of its launch, Gerber Labs is working with universities across the country and their engineering student body to help create PCBs for varied engineering competitions and project needs.

Gerber Labs, www.gerberlabs.com