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    Though long obscured and overlooked, women have from the beginning played critical roles in science and engineering endeavors.
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    Industry Insights

    Women in Microwaves and Young Professionals Organizations Discuss the Engineering Community

    July 17, 2023
    At the recent International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2023 in San Diego, CA, a joint panel session between Women in Microwaves and Young Professionals discussed what they need...
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    Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day Together

    March 8, 2022
    This year’s theme is #BreakTheBias and we have a content lineup to help do just that.
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    Sherry Hess on Women in Microwaves

    Dec. 28, 2021
    Cadence's Sherry Hess, chair of the IEEE MTT-S Women in Microwaves subcommittee, discusses her career in the industry and the subcommittee's work to mentor and enhance the profiles...
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    Test & Measurement

    Where Are the Women Engineers?

    May 13, 2021
    Engineering has a critical responsibility to foster a more inclusive environment for women, from their education to their careers.

    Challenges Still Facing Women in Microwaves and How You Can Help

    June 3, 2019
    The Women in Microwaves session at IMS 2019 exposes the continuing challenges faced by women in the microwaves & RF industry, and presents courses of action on how to break down...

    More content from Workers in Science and Engineering (WISE)

    Work-life balance

    The Leaky Pipe: Why Women Leave Engineering

    Nov. 9, 2017
    In recent years, the U.S. microwave industry has put more emphasis on attracting and retaining women engineers. The Israeli industry faces many similar and yet some different ...
    Girls Scouts STEM project

    A Surefire Way to Engage Girls in STEM

    Oct. 24, 2017
    Take a cue from the Girl Scouts: Provide them with more challenges…and more danger.
    Girl Scouts STEM Career Day

    Interest Is Growing, But STEM Is Nothing New for Girl Scouts

    Sept. 15, 2017
    New badges and journeys are created to increase girls' interest and enthusiasm in a male-dominated field.
    A Brief History of Brilliant Women

    A Brief History of Brilliant Women

    Aug. 9, 2017
    Women in engineering have produced some of the greatest achievements in engineering, yet most endured harsh inequalities—some of which continue today in various forms.

    Women in Microwaves: A Closer Look

    Dec. 8, 2016
    Despite efforts to bring more women into engineering, the numbers show only a slight increase. To provide some insight into this issue, some of the stars of the “Women in Microwaves...
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    Ada Lovelace Day Encourages Diversity in STEM

    Oct. 11, 2016
    Ada Lovelace Day celebrates minorities in STEM by remembering figures like Margaret Hamilton, pictured below, who wrote a tall computer program for the Apollo 11 mission, which...

    For Women, the Industry Presents New Opportunity

    April 7, 2016
    Sherry Hess, vice president of marketing at National Instruments, AWR Group, spoke to Microwaves & RF about diversity in the RF/microwave industry.
    Test & Measurement

    IMS 2015 Welcomes Women in Microwaves, STEM, & Young Professionals

    April 9, 2015
    At IMS 2015, the Women in Microwaves (WIM), a subset of the Women in Engineering (WIE) group, is hoping to boost the number of female engineers in the microwave and RF industry...

    The Missing Ingredient that Could Save Engineering

    Dec. 11, 2014
    It is impossible to deny that certain technology fields are missing a critical ingredient—an ingredient that has the potential to revitalize engineering fields in desperate need...
    Editor Columns

    Get with the Times, Barbie

    Dec. 5, 2014
    Despite one big-brand miss, today’s toys, books, movies, and more do an excellent job of promoting STEM interests and careers.