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AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation provides Total RF Test Solutions, by offering customers RF test instrumentation, RF test systems, EMC test software, and chambers.


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Souderton, PA 18964-9990

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AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation provides Total RF Test Solutions, by offering customers RF test instrumentation, RF test systems, EMC test software, and chambers. More specifically, we manufacturer and distribute:

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation as part of the AR family, which also includes AR Modular RFSunAR RF Motion, and AR Europe, is recognized around the globe for products that deliver both outstanding quality and exceptional value.

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Blink and You'll Miss 'Em: IMS 2021's MicroApps

June 1, 2021
Sometimes you want a whole meal, and sometimes just an appetizer. IMS 2021 aspires to provide the latter with short and snappy MicroApps tech presentations.
Test & Measurement

Special Report: RF/Microwave Test

March 11, 2021
Increasing complexity and the need for higher frequencies and bandwidths, multiple channels, low-power operation, and space constraints are placing considerable demands on RF/...
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The International Microwave Symposium Goes Virtual (Part 2)

Aug. 10, 2020
When it’s time to railroad, you lay rail, and so the industry must adapt. That’s why the International Microwave Symposium, the largest gathering of RF and microwave professionals...
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Philadelphia Opens Its Doors to 2018 IMS

May 22, 2018
As the applications extrapolate for wireless devices and interest grows in millimeter-wave frequencies, the RF/microwave industry gathers together with great optimism for the ...
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Test & Measurement

Be Certain that Your IC is Compliant

May 15, 2018
This application note delves into methods used to test integrated circuits (ICs) for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI).
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Test & Measurement

Multi-Tone Testing Multiplies Test Solutions

April 8, 2016
This application note discusses the use of multi-tone testing, which can offer a range of test benefits.

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What's New at IMS 2021: Live Day 1

June 7, 2021
Maybe you're at the International Microwave Symposium live event this week, or maybe you're not but you wish you were. Either way, we've got you covered with some of the hottest...

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Test & Measurement

Perform Effective Passive-Intermodulation Measurements

Dec. 7, 2015
An application note provides a description of PIM as well as guidelines to perform PIM testing.
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Microwave Industry Awards Whip Up the Recognition

Aug. 12, 2014
With the Microwave Industry Awards, Microwaves & RF provides a forum for industry members to share their appreciation for companies that excel in categories ranging from website...
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The Best of Microwaves & RF 2014 Industry Award Finalists

June 9, 2014
During this year’s IMS 2014 show in Tampa, FL, Microwaves & RF presented the second annual “Best of Microwaves” industry awards.
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Measure The Value Of Test Software

Nov. 7, 2013
Measurement software can speed and simplify the operation of single and multiple RF/microwave test instruments, especially for high-volume testing.
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Amplifier Systems Gain In Power

Aug. 28, 2013
Amplifier systems employ tubes, transistors, and sometimes a mix of the two device technologies to achieve kilowatt power levels at microwave frequencies.
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Leaving Their Marks On The Industry

Aug. 2, 2013
This current batch of additions to the list of “Microwave Legends” has made impacts on the RF/microwave industry in different ways over the past 50 years, with technology and ...
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Software Simplifies RF/Microwave Testing

Oct. 25, 2012
Software has become an invaluable part of RF/microwave measurements, requiring repetitive actions or calling for a complex series of actions that can be stored in memory.
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Amplifier Systems Simplify Integration

Sept. 17, 2012
Ready-to-use amplifier systems have gained acceptance for a growing number of applications, ranging from radar platforms to satellite-communications (satcom) networks.

TWTAs Power Satcom Systems

April 6, 2012
Vacuum-tube amplifiers are still alive and well, providing high gain and output-power levels in a wide range of satellite systemsboth in space and on the ground.