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Synergy Microwave Corporation designs and manufactures high-performance RF and microwave signal sources and signal processing products serving the military, commercial, industrial and medical industries.


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Synergy Microwave Corporation designs and manufactures high performance rf and microwave signal sources and signal processing products (e.g., VCO'sPLL frequency synthesizerspower dividers / combiners, filterstransformerscouplers, mixershybrids and more.) serving the military, commercial, industrial and medical industries. We are a true pioneer in voltage controlled oscillator and PLL frequency synthesizer design.

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RF/mmWave Filters Simplify Spectrum Management

May 1, 2023
There’s no underestimating the importance of filtering in RF system design. This report contains the latest innovations in the art of RF filtering and spectrum management.
Synergy Microwave
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Fixed 1000-MHz Source Plummets Phase Noise

Sept. 29, 2022
This SMT fixed-frequency signal source maintains low phase noise even when measured close to a 1000-MHz carrier.
Synergy Microwave
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DROs Diminish Phase Noise and SWaP

Sept. 29, 2022
This phase-locked source provides stable Ku-band output signals from a package measuring just 2.25 × 2.25 × 0.50 in.
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IMS 2021 Prepares for mmWave Applications

April 30, 2021
Interest in components, circuit materials, and test solutions for millimeter-wave frequencies looms large as the RF/microwave industry readies for two versions of the annual IEEE...
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Driving the VCO in High-Voltage, High-Frequency Phase-Locked Loops

May 21, 2020
The required input or control voltage to the VCO is generally higher than the supply voltage to the PLL. There are several possibilities for generating the high control voltage...
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Low-Noise Synthesizer Design Examples

Nov. 21, 2019
In the final chapter of this five-part series, we’ll look at five different synthesizer designs, comparing fully integrated synthesizers to discrete implementations.

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2017 IEEE IMS Exhibitors Prepare for “The Wave” (.PDF Download)

May 17, 2017
2017 IEEE IMS Exhibitors Prepare for “The Wave” (.PDF Download)
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Microwaves & RF’s Products of the Week (4/9-4/15)

April 15, 2017
Here are some of the latest components, from dual-direction couplers or voltage-controlled oscillators, to optimize your product, device, or system.
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Image Gallery: Scenes From The Show Floor at IMS 2013

June 5, 2013
Photos of the MWRF staff and industry professionals from the show floor of IMS 2013.

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Key Parts for Ultra-Low-Noise Synthesizer Design

Sept. 25, 2019
The focus in this article is on the key parts needed for ultra-low-noise synthesizer design like crystal references, power supplies, and low-noise op amps.
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Modular Synths that Meet Today’s Tough Specs

Aug. 20, 2019
Trends in smaller and lighter frequency synthesizers for defense and aerospace applications translate to fitting more performance at higher frequencies into modular formats.
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Test & Measurement

Measuring an Industry’s Quickening Pace at IMS

June 7, 2019
Checking some of the latest trends in test equipment at Boston’s 2019 International Microwave Symposium as the industry moves higher in frequency to tackle 5G and automotive electronics...
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The 2019 IMS Exhibition Brings High Expectations

May 14, 2019
During a time when defense electronics technology is strong, the industry readies itself for the global adoption of 5G and electronically steered vehicles.
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Optoelectronic Oscillators Charge mmWave Synthesizers

Aug. 8, 2018
These X- and K-band synthesizers apply optoelectronic technology to achieve high levels of frequency stability with reduced phase noise.
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Sources and Frequency Mixers Quiet Radio Design Efforts

June 13, 2018
The DXO and DCO series VCOs from Synergy Microwave Corp. are housed in compact packages measuring only 0.3 × 0.3 in.
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Philadelphia Opens Its Doors to 2018 IMS

May 22, 2018
As the applications extrapolate for wireless devices and interest grows in millimeter-wave frequencies, the RF/microwave industry gathers together with great optimism for the ...
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Synthesizing Stable Microwave Signals

March 9, 2018
Signal generation is an essential function for transmitters and receivers, with analog and digital frequency synthesis methods used to create RF/microwave signals with high stability...
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Synthesizer Paves Way for 28-GHz 5G Converters

Dec. 6, 2017
Frequency conversion at higher frequencies will be a necessary part of emerging 5G systems, requiring low-noise signal sources to start the frequency-mixing process.