Jack Bramel Receives IPC Raymond E. Pritchard Hall Of Fame Award
JACK BRAMEL has been awarded the 2009 IPC Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame Award in recognition of contributions to IPC and the electronic interconnect industry, volunteer service on IPC standards-development committees, and lifetime achievement. Bramel has been involved in IPC for more than 40 years. He first became involved with standards as an engineer for Magnavox, where he worked on improving military specifications for boards and materials. Bramel has chaired the IPC task group that works with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) since 1975. He continues to serve on the industry advisory group and standards technical panel for copper-clad laminates and PCBs.

Anderson Electronics, Inc.KORY STONE has joined the company as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He joins Anderson Electronics with over 25 years of sales and marketing experience in semiconductor and timing products including quartz crystals and oscillators. Most recently, Stone was Area Manager with Pericom Semiconductor.

VerizonSHAYGAN KHERADPIR, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Verizon, has been appointed to a three-year term on the Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The committee serves as a private-sector advisory body for the institute, which is part of the US Department of Commerce.

Keystone Electronics Corp.TROY DAVID has been appointed President, having previously served as the firm's Executive Vice President. David joined Keystone in 1988 following graduation from Boston University's School of Management. RICHARD D. DAVID, who served as President for more than three decades, is now Chief Executive Officer.

AWR Corp.DANE COLLINS, Chief Executive Officer, has been elected to the Electronic Design Automation Consortium's (EDAC's) board of directors. As part of the EDA industry for 22 years, Collins has occupied positions ranging from integrated-circuit designer and EDA tool developer to corporate executive. He has worked in company environments ranging from small startups like EEsof, High Level Design Systems, and AWR to large commercial and military corporations, such as Cadence Design Systems and General Dynamics.

Synergy Microwave Corp.DR. AJAY KUMAR PODDAR, Chief Scientist, has been named a Guest Lecturer at the Technical University, Munich, Germany, and an Academic Advisory Board Member (Graduate Courses, Electronics & Telecommunication Systems) at Don Bosco Institute of Technology in Bombay, India. Poddar also has been awarded the IEEE Region 1 Award for "Outstanding Leadership and Contributions in the Research, Design, and Development of Microwave Systems."

INSIDE ContactlessLIM BOON HEONG has been promoted to General Manager for the Asia-Pacific region. Heong was formerly the region's Director of Marketing and Business Development for INSIDE's near-field-communications (NFC) business line.

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