Measuring And Troubleshooting For IEEE 802.16e OFDMA

The measurement and troubleshooting of orthogonal-frequency-division-multiple-access (OFDMA) or mobile-WiMAX signals, components, and systems is not limited to digital demodulation or modulation-quality analysis. In fact, some of the most productive types of analysis for OFDMA signals can be grouped under time-domain and frequency-domain or vector-signal analysis. In a 62-page application note, Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, CA) offers a general process for the most effective measurements for the IEEE 802.16e OFDMA standard.

The note, titled "IEEE 802.16e WiMAX OFDMA Signal Measurements and Troubleshooting," provides examples of typical problems that may be encountered. It then examines the measurement and troubleshooting techniques and displays that will help the engineer find and fix those problems. The measurements and principles are described with specific reference to the 89600 vector-signal-analysis (VSA) software and Option B7Y IEEE 802.16 OFDMA modulation analysis.

When measuring and troubleshooting digitally modulated systems, one should follow a measurement sequence that begins with basic spectrum measurements and continues with vector measurements. Digital demodulation and modulation analysis form the last step in this sequence. With this approach, the engineer has a better chance of finding important signal problems at the earlier stages of design. This method is particularly practical for IEEE 802.16e OFDMA, as the application's signal complexity could cause demodulation to fail—even due to subtle problems.

The note provides information on the general measurement approach as well as specific examples of OFDMA analysis. It breaks this information down into two sections: basic digital demodulation and advanced digital demodulation. Both sections provide a step-by-step guide to the setup of a variety of measurements. The topics covered range from capturing a signal for analysis to OFDMA signal maps and pilot tracking.

The paper's overriding message is that one can uncover signal problems with OFDMA signals by following the organized measurement sequence presented. After that sequence is complete, advanced or standard-specific analysis can be performed. Detailed information and support graphics make this application note very comprehensive to all engineers—whether or not they are experienced in measuring for mobile WiMAX.

Agilent Technologies, Inc., 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95051; (800) 829-4444, Internet:

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