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N. BILLERICA, MARadio Waves, Inc. is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Radio Waves has been designing and manufacturing high-quality microwave antennas for 25 years in Billerica, MA. When asked about his company's 25th anniversary, Andy Singer, the company's President, stated, "It is the quality and talent of our work force that allows us to stay competitive and provide the highest quality, best-performing microwave antennas available over these past 25 years and in the future. In appreciation of our loyal customers over these 25 years, Radio Waves will be offering customers special promotionsduring the month of October."

BRUSSELS, BELGIUMApplied Micro Circuits Corp. has announced that MergeOptics GmbH, a German-based optical communications solutions provider, has chosen the company's 10-Gigabit Ethernet physical-layer (PHY) integrated-circuit (IC) technology for use in high-speed optical X2 module connectivity solutions for data-transfer applications.

AMCC's 10GbE PHYs were chosen as part of MergeOptics' offerings in high-speed parallel optical interconnects in enterprise communication and networking environments. They stood out for their ability to address the increasing demand for multiple services, greater transport capacity, dynamic networking, and management simplicity.

ENDICOTT, NYEndicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. received the prestigious Innovation supplier award from Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems (NGES). Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EI) is a supplier of highdensity electronic interconnect solutions, with more than 45 years of experience in providing microelectronics solutions, technology, and technical know-how. The award categories represented the supplier behaviors, attributes, or outcomes that Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems values: customer service, strategic contributions, continuous improvement, innovation, extraordinary effort, and life cycle cost. Since its inception in 2002 as a business line purchased from IBM, Endicott Interconnect Technologies' customer base has shifted from 100 percent IBM to 45 percent in the military and defense industry.

LOWELL, MATyco Electronics Wireless Systems has been awarded a contract by the Salt River Project (SRP), located in Phoenix, AZ, to upgrade the utility's existing 900-MHz EDACS communication system. That system will be upgraded to an Internet-Protocol-based (IP), 900-MHz OpenSky communication system that will expand the coverage area for the day-today voice communications needs of water, electrical, service, and emergency personnel. SRP's radio system will also allow for future expansion to accommodate data communications for the more than 1400 radio users on the network.

SRP's 900-MHz OpenSky system will be a seven-site, private, digital radio communications network. Using Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology, the OpenSky system will utilize two voice signals on each of the company's narrowband (12.5-kHz), 900-MHz channels to maximize the system's capacity. The system will also feature over-the-air programming (OTAP) to enable remote reconfiguration of radio personalities and software updates. SRP's OpenSky system will also be capable of interoperating with Project 25 (P25) radio networks in the area in the event of an emergency.

CHICAGO, ILWavesat Inc. and WirelessLogix have successfully completed interoperability testing between Wavesat's Odyssey 8500 chipset and WirelessLogix' WiMAX data collection solutions. This new diagnostic support for Wavesat's Odyssey chipset will provide WiMAX engineers with the ability to perform testing using Wavesat-based devices and the WirelessLogix' XCAL-X real-time data collection tool and XCAP-X analysis tool. XCAL-X will enable technicians and network engineers to collect performance metrics from Wavesat's Odyssey WiMAX devices in order to optimize network deployment and system performance. Troubleshooting and detailed analysis can then be performed using WirelessLogix' XCAP-X software platform.

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