Digitizers Grab IFs To 400 MHz

The KWS-800 series of intermediate-frequency (IF) digitizers from Kaben Wireless Silicon provides customers with several options for sampling signals: at 80 or 120 MHz with 14-b resolution, or at 400 MHz with 10-b resolution. The filter can be programmed to be either a lowpass or bandpass type. The filter center frequency, bandwidth, passband ripple, transition band, and stopband attenuation are all programmable using a serial interface. The digitizers combine the firm's patented sampled-IF (SIF) filter technology with several new, high-performance analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).

According to Kaben's Director of Marketing, Bill Bereza, "The programmability of our precision, on-chip filter, combined with the ADC, facilitates reconfigurable radio design and enables SoC manufacturers to integrate multimode receivers onto a single IC. System engineers will have programmable control over the filter's characteristics, including center frequency, bandwidth, passband ripple, transition band and stopband attenuation."

Kaben has created a new type of product by combining the functions of data conversion and precision filtering. Combining the SIF filter and ADC eliminates challenges associated with the interface between the RF and the mixed-signal domains.

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