Cable Handles High Data Rates

A new cable technology has been produced by W. L. Gore & Associates for high-data-rate applications. Designed for low differential-to-common-mode conversion (SCD21), it exhibits SCD21 values as low as -40 dB and consistently lower than -25 dB across a 20-GHz bandwidth. Engineered for InfiniBand and other high data-rate applications, the new cable is available in gauges from AWG24 to AWG32. The cable allows for very precise cancellation of signals of equal amplitude and differential polarity, with very little phase difference between the differential legs. According to Russ Hornung, Gore Cable Product Manager, "In the past year, we have seen more applications employing advanced serializer/deserializer (SERDES) technologies and signal recovery processing that should include a specification for SCD21 performance; however, SCD21 currently is not addressed in most manufacturer or industry specifications. This new technology allows for faster digital data rates that can exceed 20 Gb/s without signal integrity being compromised."

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