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Coaxial Amplifier Covers 2 To 35 GHz

Broadband enough for most communications and military applications, model HMC-C038 is a distributed driver amplifier with 12 dB gain from 2 to 35 GHz. Supplied in a hermetic package with replaceable 2.92-mm coaxial connectors, the GaAs amplifier features +18 dBm output power at 1-dB compression with third-order intercept point of +29 dBm. The gain flatness is within 1 dB from 2 to 16 GHz and the midband noise figure is a mere 4 dB. The amplifier has integrated voltage regulation and internal bias sequencing circuitry to ensure proper powering up of the negative and positive voltage supplies. The compact amplifier is specified for operating from -55 to +85C. For more information on the amplifier, visit the Hittite Microwave web site at:

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