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Fujitsu Components America, Inc. (FCAI) manages sales, marketing and distribution of its relays, resistive and projected capacitive touch panels, thermal printer mechanisms, wireless modules, custom keyboards, and input devices in the Americas.


1230 E. Arques Ave.
M/S 160
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
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Fujitsu Components America, Inc. (FCAI) is responsible for managing the sales, marketing and distribution of its relays, resistive and projected capacitive touch panels, thermal printer mechanisms, wireless modules, and custom keyboards, pointing and input devices in North, South and Central America. Primary customers include large original equipment manufacturers and resellers of a broad range of electronic equipment for various industries.

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Fujitsu Components America
0421 Mw Fujitsu Io T Mesh Eval Kit Promo

Kit Eases Evaluation of IoT Mesh Connectivity Use Cases

April 9, 2021
The kit enables simple, low-cost evaluation of different use cases for wireless mesh IoT before investing significant development time and budget.
Mwrf 2150 Auto Radar 0

Testing Automotive Radar Brings mm-Wave Challenges

Oct. 15, 2013
The growing number of 77-GHz automotive radar systems has put pressure on RF/microwave test-and-measurement-equipment manufacturers to develop cost-effective measurement solutions...
Mwrf 875 41kteaser 0
Mixed Signal

Converters Channel High-Speed Signals

July 30, 2013
Data converters are readily available for microwave bandwidths and for use at microwave sampling rates.
Mwrf 568 15p 0

Memory Infusion Allows Chip To Further RFID’s Reach

Sept. 20, 2012
In addition to increased memory capacity, a new device boasts a serial interface that could expand the applications for RFID tagging.
Mwrf 876 121 0

Data Converters Drive RF Designs

Aug. 10, 2012
Data converters are an "end point" on a system block diagram for many RF/microwave designers—the points at which analog signals are converted to digital bits and back again. In...

Transceiver IC Tackles 3G, LTE

July 16, 2010
This compact multiband, multimode transceiver simplifies 2G, 3G, UMTS, EDGE, and LTE handset designs by doing away with many of the amplifiers and SAW filters commonly found in...

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Multimode Transceiver Eliminates SAW Filters

Oct. 22, 2009
This highly integrated wireless transceiver module offers an innovative SAW-less front end and standard programmable 3G DigRF interface to cover a wide range of 3G standards.

Use RF CMOS For Single-Chip Wireless Solutions

March 19, 2009
DEPENDING ON THE APPICATION, an RF system's baseband processor or controller is a system-ona- chip (SoC) device that contains one or more central processing units (CPUs), memories...

Process Technologies Enable Performance Leaps

Feb. 24, 2009
To meet the size, integration, and performance requirements of next-generation communications and defense application, companies are leveraging unique and even proprietary, process...

Adaptive Beamforming Raises WiMAX Capacity

Nov. 12, 2008
Compared to third-generation (3G) networks, mobile WiMAX has garnered attention for being a more affordable technology for transferring large amounts of data with high throughput...

Fujitsu Teams With Jazz For RFCMOS

May 31, 2007
Fujitsu Ltd., Fujitsu Microelectronics of America, and Jazz Semiconductor have announced that they will work together to manufacture system-on-chip (SoC) products based on RFCMOS...

Fujitsu Offers PLL At Wireless Show

April 7, 2004
Fujitsu Microelectronics America (Sunnyvale, CA) introduced three single-serial-input phase-locked-loop (PLL) frequency synthesizers at the recent Wireless Systems Design Conference...