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Global leaders in engineered materials to power, protect and connect our world.


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Rogers Corporation (NYSE: ROG) is a global leader in materials technology and manufacturing. We lead the markets we serve with our diverse portfolio of cutting-edge, high-performance solutions.

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Wireless Technologies Boost Diverse Markets

Dec. 4, 2023
Adoption of wireless technology for electronic devices worldwide continues to ramp up across a range of industries—and that trajectory is expected to remain strong and steady ...
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RF/mmWave Design Tools Cut Prototyping Costs

March 8, 2023
Software design tools can shave the time and expense of multiple development iterations when striving for a first-round success or when making modifications to improve performance...
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IMS 2021 Prepares for mmWave Applications

April 30, 2021
Interest in components, circuit materials, and test solutions for millimeter-wave frequencies looms large as the RF/microwave industry readies for two versions of the annual IEEE...
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EM Co-Simulation with Measurement-Based Models Leads to First-Pass Design Success

Feb. 21, 2020
Utilizing measurement-based passive-component models within an electromagnetic simulator enables simulations that accurately predict measured performance.

Make the Most of Materials at mmWave Frequencies

Aug. 15, 2019
As frequencies get higher, circuit materials must meet a special set of requirements to optimize designs in the mmWave frequency range.

2019 IMS in Boston Opens With High Enthusiasm

June 5, 2019
Energy levels were high on the show floor of the 2019 IEEE IMS, as exhibitors reported on strong sales in defense and aerospace markets as well as for many mmWave devices.

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Gallery: Everything We Saw At IMS 2017

June 15, 2017
Here are some views of the show floor, taken by our editors, where we got the inside track on the latest products and trends.

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The 2019 IMS Exhibition Brings High Expectations

May 14, 2019
During a time when defense electronics technology is strong, the industry readies itself for the global adoption of 5G and electronically steered vehicles.

Patch Antenna, Rectifier Harvest 900-MHz Energy

April 22, 2019
A circularly polarized antenna combines with a compact rectifier for energy harvesting at 900 MHz.
Circuit Materials Secure Automotive Safety Systems

Circuit Materials Secure Automotive Safety Systems

Nov. 3, 2018
Future automotive electronic safety systems based on radar and wireless communications will rely heavily on printed antennas, and circuit materials will play a key role in their...
PCB Antenna Demand Skyrockets in Wireless Design

PCB Antenna Demand Skyrockets in Wireless Design

Oct. 31, 2018
As consumers clamor for the latest and greatest in wireless, it’s fueling a need for PCB antennas that can be easily mounted inside wireless communications products.
2018 IMS Prologue: Prepping for the mmWave Era

IMS 2018 Prologue: Prepping for the mmWave Era

Aug. 2, 2018
The RF/microwave industry was generally optimistic at the exhibition in anticipation of real opportunities for mmWave products in automotive and 5G markets.
Metamaterials Mold Multiband Resonator

Metamaterials Mold Multiband Resonator

July 10, 2018
A new configuration of composite right/left-handed metamaterial-based transmission lines were the building blocks for this novel triple-band compact resonator.
Comparing Circuit Materials for mmWave Applications

Comparing Circuit Materials for mmWave Applications

June 12, 2018
Rogers Corp. will be showing its wide range of high-frequency circuit materials at the 2018 IEEE IMS exhibition, including the RO3000 line.
Philadelphia Opens Its Doors to 2018 IMS

Philadelphia Opens Its Doors to 2018 IMS

May 22, 2018
As the applications extrapolate for wireless devices and interest grows in millimeter-wave frequencies, the RF/microwave industry gathers together with great optimism for the ...
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RF Energy Is Finally Cooking

Dec. 19, 2017
Years in the making, RF cooking products have arrived—first for professional and high-end consumer kitchens, and soon for the rest of us as well.