Most Consumers Don't Recycle Used Phones

A recent wireless survey conducted by Wireless Week found that 61.7 percent of consumers stash their used wireless phones into a drawer. But there is a better place for unneeded phones. The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) is urging consumers to donate their used wireless phones to help others, or to recycle them in an environmentally sound way. "Wireless phones are so innovative and so affordable, it's no wonder that consumers routinely swap their handsets for newer models. Especially during this holiday season, there are shelves full of new phones in every shape, size and color, with games, music, cameras, video and more," said Steve Largent, President & CEO of CTIA. "The wireless industry is making it easy for consumers to drop off used phones at retail stores when they're out shopping. Whether you're buying a wireless phone as a gift or transferring your phone number to a new wireless phone, remember to put your used phone to good use." For tips on how to recycle unused phones, visit the CTIA website.

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