MACOMs model MAGX001090600L00

GaN-on-SiC HEMT Pushes Pulses To 1090 MHz

A GaN-on-SiC transistor is designed for high-power pulsed avionics applications from 1030 to 1090 MHz.

Designed for high-power pulsed avionics applications, model MAGX-001090-600L00 is a gold-metalized, GaN-on-SiC high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) capable of 600 W output power from 1030 to 1090 MHz when driving signals with 32 μs pulse width at 2% pulse duty cycle. Suitable for secondary surveillance radar in air traffic control systems, the high-power pulsed transistor offers 21.4-dB typical gain with 63% drain efficiency. It handles load mismatches as severe as a 5.0:1 VSWR. The device is rated for a mean time to failure (MTTF) of more than 600 years when operating at a maximum junction temperature of +200°C. It is designed for use with a +50-VDC supply and suffers pulse droop on a mere 0.2 dB. Evaluation circuit boards are available from stock.

MACOM Technology Solutions, Inc., 100 Chelmsford St., Lowell, MA 01851; (800) 366-2266, (978) 656-2896.

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