GaN Powers Discrete Devices

GaN Powers Discrete Devices

Announcing a new additions to its lines of discrete GaN power transistors, TriQuint Semiconductor will be at the IMS 2014 (Booth No. 1533) showing new models TGA2583-SM and TGA2585-SM. The model TGA2583-SM discrete GaN power transistor delivers 10 W pulsed or continuous-wave (CW) output power from 2.7 to 3.7 GHz in a 5 × 5 mm QFN housing. It offers better than 50% power-added efficiency (PAE) with 33-dB gain and +40.5-dBm saturated output power. Model TGA2585-SM boasts 18 W pulsed or CW output power from 2.7 to 3.7 GHz with better than 50% PAE and 32-dB small-signal gain. It provides saturated output power of +42.5 dBm when operating from a +28-VDC supply. It is also supplied in a 5 × 5 mm QFN housing.

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