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Doherty Amps Boost Digital Systems

Doherty Amps Boost Digital Systems

Silicon LDMOS technology has enabled the design of a pair of UWB Doherty amplifiers for digital broadcast transmitters from 470 to 860 MHz.

Earlier this year, at IMS 2013 in Seattle, WA, NXP Semiconductors launched several ultrawideband (UWB) Doherty amplifiers based on silicon laterally diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor (LDMOS) device technology for digital transmitter applications from 470 to 860 MHz. Meant to bring high gain and efficiency to transmitters operating at those frequencies, the models BLF884P and BLF884PS Doherty amplifiers are based on +50-VDC LDMOS devices and promise efficiency levels of 45 to 50%. According to Mark Murphy, Director of Marketing for RF Power and Base Stations at NXP Semiconductors, “By leveraging NXP's expertise and IP in Doherty architectures, we've been able to design a unique ultrawideband Doherty solution which achieves high efficiency without incurring additional costs, or delaying time to market: With a single Doherty design, we're able to cover the full band from 470 to 806 MHz.”

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