Forest fire in Stanislaus National Forest, California, in 2013. (Image courtesy of Mike McMillan, United States Forest Service).

Keysight Temporarily Shuts Down Headquarters as Wildfires Rage

Keysight Technologies temporarily shut down its corporate headquarters in Santa Rosa, California, as wildfires that have scorched more than a hundred thousand acres and forced evacuations of an estimated 20,000 people sweep through the northern part of the state.

The company said in a statement released Monday and sent Tuesday to Microwaves & RF that the four main buildings were all still intact after suffering minor damage. Keysight said that two smaller structures and several cars were more badly damaged by the flames, which have leveled more than 1,500 structures in the state.

Keysight, the former test equipment division of Agilent Technologies, refuted local news reports that the headquarters, located north of San Francisco, had been destroyed. The buildings are within the Santa Rosa Fire Department's evacuation zone, and the firm said that it would provide more information once local authorities allowed employees to return.

"Teams of safety experts will evaluate the buildings as soon as fires in the surrounding areas are controlled and it is safe to return to the area," Keysight said in the statement. The company, which has 145 locations worldwide, said that "the site will remain closed at least through Tuesday" and that it would "continue to monitor and evaluate the situation."

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