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Companies Team for New Component Models

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (Malverne, PA) has contracted Modelithics, Inc. (Tampa, FL) to develop models for Vishay's precision RF capacitors. Modelithics will characterize Vishay's HPC0402 capacitor on various substrates and printed-circuit boards (PCBs). The development of a Global Model for the widely used capacitor will allow commercial simulation software tools such as the Advanced Design System (ADS) from Agilent Technologies, Ansoft Designer from Ansoft, Microwave Office from Applied Wave Research, and GENESYS from Eagleware Corp. to perform advanced analysis and simulation on the capacitor and circuits using the component. A single Global Model allows simulation of an entire component family's performance over a wide range of substrate material properties and enables automated part-value selection, while taking substrate parasitic effects into account.

According to Haim Goldberger, Vishay's Vice President, Integrated Products, "This contract reflects Vishay's commitment to provide users all the tools necessary for informed application of the latest technology in precision RF capacitors. Vishay has also placed on its Web site a unique calculator that allows the engineers to immediately determine the correct capacitance value to use at any working frequency. The Global Model from Modelithics, together with the calculator and a standard HPC0402A design kit, enables engineers to complete product development in the shortest possible time utilizing the highly predictable and very stable capacitance vs. frequency performance of the precision silicon-based RF capacitor." For more information on the Global Model, visit the Vishay or the Modelithics web site.

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