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Aeroflex Cupertino Targets Broadband Analog/Digital Signals

Aeroflex, Inc. (Plainview, NY) wasted little time in integrating its latest acquisition-the former Celerity Systems (Cupertino, CA)-into its growing organization of test and measurement capabilities. Acquired last November, the broadband-test arm of the company now known as Aeroflex Cupertino this week announced a broad new array of signal measurement capabilities for its powerful CS35000 series Broadband Signal Analyzer and Recorder (BSA) family. Capable of capturing instantaneous signal bandwidths to 600 MHz and frequency-hop rates to 500,000 hops/s, the CS35000 series BSA essentially combines the capabilities of a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO), spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, and signal analyzer into a single box. It can be specified with a variety of input-attenuator options as well as tunable or fixed downconversion of input frequency bands to 40 GHz. Suitable for testing analog or digital broadband signals and signal environments, the test system includes powerful software to simplify the analysis of complex signals and modulation formats. According to Jack Anderson, Chief Technical Officer of Aeroflex Cupertino, "by adding new software analysis modules and other capabilities to the CS35000 BSA, the most powerful signal analyzer in the market is now even more powerful." The analyzer can be specified with software modules for a wide range of modulation formats, including frequency-shift-keying (FSK), minimum-shift-keying (MSK), phase-shift-keying (PSK), and quadrature-amplitude-modulation (QAM) formats, as well as system-specific formats such as SINCGARS and LINK 16 formats.

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