Light-Weight Analyzer Scours Spectrum To 3 GHz

Light-Weight Analyzer Scours Spectrum To 3 GHz

A low-cost, portable spectrum analyzer shows signals from 9 kHz to 3 GHz with high sensitivity.

Model GPS-930 is a compact portable spectrum analyzer with a large display screen. It scans 9 kHz to 3 GHz with a low noise floor of -142 dBm thanks to its built-in preamplifier. It shows signal traces and information on a bright 8.4-in. thin-film-transistor (TFT) color liquid-crystal-display (LCD) screen and can provide frequency stability of 25 ppb or 0.025 ppm, with a wide choice of resolution bandwidths as fine as 1 Hz. The analyzer offers numerous automatic measurements, including power measurements, spectrum emission mask (SEM), and AM/FM demodulation and analysis, and features a pass/fail limit function to simplify automatic measurements. The GSP-930 is equipped with a selection of interfaces, including LXI, Universal Serial Bus (USB), and RS-232 ports, and optional GPIB LabVIEW IVI or LabWindows/CVI drivers are available for remote-control software development. A Micro SD slot and a USB host interface enable memory size expansion for extra data storage. A “Sequence” function allows operators to edit and run programmable measurement routines on the GSP-930’s screen without the need for an attached personal computer (PC).

Saelig Co., Inc., 71 Perinton Pkwy., Fairport, NY 14450; (888) 772-3544, (585) 385-1750, FAX: (585) 385-1768. 

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