Tester Tackles Voice Over LTE

Tester Tackles Voice Over LTE

A versatile cellular communications signaling tester has been enhanced for voice-over-LTE testing.

The MD8475A Signaling Tester can now confirm operation of services, such as Call Forwarding and Call Waiting, under a variety of network conditions, extending its Voice-over-Long-Term-Evolution (VoLTE) testing capabilities. The MD8475A’s new Supplementary Service option enables functional testing of Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Hold, Identification Presentation, and Identification Restriction. The tester supports a combination of environments, including testing LTE, GSM, and WCDMA cellular networks. It tunes from 0.35 to 3.60 GHz with 100-kHz resolution and covers a signal level range from -130 to -10 dBm with 0.1-dB resolution. The tester features excellent spectral purity, with harmonic levels of -25 dBc or better and spurious signal levels of -40 dBc or better. The SmartStudio graphical-user-interface (GUI) software provides easy graphical control of the MD8475A.

Anritsu Co., 490 Jarvis Dr., Morgan Hill, CA 95037-2809; (408) 778-2000, FAX: (408) 776-1744, www.anritsu.com.

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