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Searching For Unknown Signals

A line of spectrum analyzers can capture short-duration signal events at microwave frequencies.

Another company with an impressive lineup of measurement solutions at the 2013 IMS, Tektronix, will be demonstrating its AWG70000 series of arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) for creating modulated test signals to 20 GHz and its family of real-time spectrum analyzers for recapturing those complex test signals. Visitors to booth No. 820 will see some eye-catching examples of Tektronix’s advanced test-and-measurement technologies, including spectrum displays that provide live color views of signal transients as they change over time. Jim McGillivary, General Manager of Tektronix’s Source Analyzer Product Line, notes: “Now more than ever, RF engineers need real-time signal analysis for short duration signals, fast spurious measurements, and efficient troubleshooting. While some vendors are just getting started in meeting these needs, Tektronix invented the category and we are continuing to innovate with new instruments such as SPECMON for RF field interference hunting and the new mid-range RSA5000 spectrum analyzer.”

Attendees can see how the SPECMON analyzers can capture signal events as short as 3.7 microseconds with 100% probability of intercept. They may also want to try the DPX Challenge to find the source of six signals shown on a live spectrum display. Attendees who can identify correctly will be entered in a drawing to win an iPad Mini tablet.

Editor's Note: For more show coverage, be sure to visit Microwaves & RF's IMS 2013 page.

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