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Extend That VNA To Higher Frequencies

A line of frequency extension modules supports signal generation and analysis through 500 GHz.

As the RF/microwave industry prepares to move higher in frequency with the emergence of more millimeter-wave applications, as in 60-GHz cellular backhaul communications and 77-GHz automotive electronics, research and production test gear must be somehow extended to reach these higher frequencies. One approach is to simply empty the bank and invest in new test systems.

A more cost-effective approach is to extend the reach of the current measurement systems, with the help of frequency-extension modules from OML. The firm currently provides modules that can be used with signal generators, vector network analyzers (VNAs), and spectrum analyzers to reach waveguide frequency bands from 50 through 500 GHz. The firm even offers VNA calibration kits in waveguide bands, for those seeking to extend the frequencies of their vector analyzers without sacrificing accuracy. The company is currently offering a free two-page brochure on its capabilities.

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