In 2023, Things are Looking Up for Matter with Thread

Jan. 12, 2023
With all of the buzz surrounding Matter and its import for the IoT, we talked with the Thread Group about its outlook for 2023 in terms of Matter's market acceptance and technology developments with Thread itself.

This video is part of TechXchange Talks.

In the consumer electronics world, one of the hottest technologies around is Matter. It's a protocol that offers the promise of true interoperability amongst smart-home devices, no matter what branding they carry, and across the various smart-home control platforms like Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo. A critical element underlying Matter is Thread, itself a wireless networking protocol that defines how devices connect with each other in a mesh networking scheme.

In this video, two representatives of the Thread Group (Jonathan Hui, VP of technology and Sujata Neidig, VP of Marketing) discuss what 2023 holds for Thread, Matter, their market acceptance, and technology developments in the smart-home ecosystem.

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