Mercury Microelectronics SHIPs Out with RF SiPs

May 24, 2022
Tom Smelker, VP & GM of Mercury Microelectronics, discusses the company's new RFS1140 RF system-in-package as well as its broader involvement with the U.S. Navy's State-of-the-art Heterogeneous Integrated Packaging (SHIP) project.

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The U.S. Department of Defense is always looking for an edge, ways to get advanced electronic-warfare capabilities into field-ready systems in less time, for less money, and with improved performance compared with previous generations. One of the mechanisms for accomplishing these goals is the State-of-the-art Heterogeneous Integrated Packaging prototype project. The idea is to bring commercial industry knowledge and capabilities to bear on the complex process of bringing concepts into reality.

In 2019, Mercury Systems began investing heavily in its microelectronics business, and one of the first fruits of that investment is the RFS1140 RF system-in-package (RF SiP), a device aimed squarely at the compute-intensive task of processing sensor inputs at the edge.

We've covered Mercury's involvement in the SHIP project, but here to discuss it in more depth is Tom Smelker, VP & GM of Mercury Microelectronics. In this video, Tom covers how and why Mercury has engaged with SHIP, what the RFS1140 brings to the table, and a bit about Mercury's future plans for its microelectronics business.