Getting a Handle on Earth-Station Interference

Feb. 20, 2022
Earth-station interference is a growing problem for satellite operators. Angus Robinson, product manager for Anritsu, drops by to discuss the issues as well as Anritsu's new MS27201A Remote Spectrum Monitor.
Ground-station interference is a growing issue for satellite operators, as 50% of operators experience interference more than once a month. In many areas, 5G licensed bands are immediately adjacent to existing satellite downlink bands, meaning interference will be an even greater problem as 5G continues to roll out.

Anritsu is addressing this growing problem with the introduction of the MS27201A Remote Spectrum Monitor. They provide 24/7 operation and are designed address multiple interference concerns, including: 

  • 5G 
  • Adjacent satellite interference 
  • Mobile satellite communications vehicles

In this video, Anritsu product manager Angus Robinson discusses the issues that ground-station operators face with respect to interference, and breaks down the MS27201A's capabilities. The instrument is intended to be housed at the dish site itself or in a nearby control station. But because it's Ethernet-ready, users don't have to be on-site to access the data collected by the analyzer. Rather, anyone, anywhere with an Ethernet connection can log in and find out exactly what's going on at that ground station, retrieve the data for post processing, and share it with colleagues in other remote locations.