Holzworth Demos Phase-Noise Analyzer Test Kit at IMS2022

July 5, 2022
Holzworth Instrumentation's Nick Laves walks us through a demo of its new HSY9002A RF synthesizer paired with its HA7063A 50-GHz downconverter and HA7062D phase-noise analyzer.

This article is part of our IMS 2022 coverage.

MWRF: Hi, it’s David Maliniak still at IMS2022, and I’m in the Wireless Telecom Group booth, and Nick Laves from Holzworth Instrumentation is going to give us a quick rundown on the demo that we’re seeing here. Nick?

Nick Laves: Over here, we have our newest phase-noise analyzer test kit. So, we have our (HA7062D) phase-noise analyzer with a (HA7063A) 50-GHz downconverter. Now, the 50-GHz downconverter is supplied with our brand-new (HSY9002A) RF synthesizer, which is a super-low phase noise, YIG-based synthesizer. Also, we have two of those in here, downconverting the signal to an IF that the phase noise analyzer has quite a low noise floor at.

So, the main applications for this would be testing hardware for communications and for radar, where you need a very stable carrier. The HSY synthesizer works great in test and measurement as LO substitution because of its very low phase noise. And we now have an ultra-low noise option that has 1 to 10 Hz phase-noise numbers that are 20 dB better than our previous standard reference.

This article is part of our IMS 2022 coverage.