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Keysight’s Radar Scene Emulator Speeds Path to Full Vehicle Autonomy

Dec. 22, 2021
The system provides automotive OEMs with full-scene emulation to lab test complex, real-world scenarios and accelerate the overall speed of testing.

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No one wants to get to fully autonomous vehicles faster than automotive OEMs. Now, Keysight Technologies is launching its Radar Scene Emulator, which enables automakers to lab test complex, real-world driving scenarios, accelerating the overall speed of test.

Full-scene emulation in the lab is critical to developing the robust radar sensors and algorithms needed to realize advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and/or autonomous driving (AD) capabilities. Keysight's full-scene emulator combines hundreds of miniature radio frequency (RF) front ends into a scalable emulation screen representing a scenario with real-world complexity—up to 512 objects and distances as close as 1.5 meters. 

Automotive companies understand how complex it is to test autonomous driving algorithms, and the safety issues at stake. Using full scene rendering that emulates near and far targets across a wide continuous field of view (FOV), Keysight's Radar Scene Emulator enables customers to rapidly test automotive radar sensors integrated in autonomous driving systems with highly complex multi-target scenes.

Keysight's Radar Scene Emulator employs patented technology that shifts from an approach centered on object detection via target simulation to traffic scene emulation, offering key benefits to automotive OEMs in several respects:

  • The Radar Scene Emulator allows radar sensors to see more with a wider, continuous field of view (FOV) and supports both near and far targets. This eliminates the gaps in a radar's vision and enables improved training of algorithms to detect and differentiate multiple objects in dense, complex scenes. As a result, autonomous vehicle decisions can be made based on the complete picture, not just what the test equipment sees.
  • Testing radar sensors against a limited number of targets provides an incomplete view of driving scenarios and masks the complexity of the real world. Keysight's Radar Scene Emulator allows OEMs to emulate real-world driving scenes in the lab with variations of traffic density, speed, distance, and total number of targets. Testing can be completed early for common to corner case scenes, while minimizing risk.
  • With the Radar Scene Emulator, OEMs gain a deterministic real-world environment for lab testing of complex scenes that today can only be tested on the road. Its test approach allows OEMs to significantly accelerate ADAS/AD algorithm learning by testing scenarios earlier with complex repeatable high-density scenes, with objects stationary or in motion, varying environmental characteristics, while eliminating inefficiencies from manual or robotic automation.
  • The ability to distinguish between obstacles on the road needs to be tested for a smooth and fast transition towards vehicle autonomy (i.e., Levels 4 and 5 autonomy as designated by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)). Keysight addresses this technology gap with point clouds (multiple reflections per object), which improves resolution for each object.

Keysight will demonstrate the new Radar Scene Emulator for the first time at CES 2022, Booth #4169, Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall.

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