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TELUS and thinkRF Partner to Develop National Spectrum Monitoring Network

Dec. 21, 2021
thinkRF’s Spectrum eXperience Management (SXM) system assists TELUS in delivering its world-leading network in Canada.

Canadian telecommunications provider TELUS is partnering with thinkRF to co-develop a spectrum monitoring system (Spectrum eXperience Management, “SXM”) that will feed TELUS continuous insights about competitive mobile infrastructure deployments and help it to deliver its world-leading network connectivity to Canadians.

The thinkRF Spectrum eXperience Management (SXM) solution uses a network of powerful, cloud-connected RF sensors to characterize, optimize, and protect RF spectrum assets such as 5G networks.  SXM combines thinkRF’s RF spectrum-analysis technology with advanced analytics in a configurable cloud-based subscription service. SXM Release 1.0 continuously and autonomously characterizes all 4G and 5G network deployments in a region and provides operators with valuable competitive insights. As a result, operators like TELUS can track competitive occupancy, coverage, spectrum sharing, and technology changes over time.

thinkRF’s software-defined radio spectrum analyzer will provide TELUS with real-time insights on the state of its wireless technologies. After analysis, the collected data will result in improved coverage optimization, which will enable TELUS to further improve the quality of services. Real-time continuous insights about wireless environment will improve spectrum efficiency, which in turn enhances customer experience.

The RF spectrum is a public resource of tremendous value to society. In Canada, leading mobile operators have spent tens of billions of dollars to acquire spectrum license rights. In the U.S., operators have spent close to half a trillion dollars, and worldwide this figure exceeds a trillion dollars. In addition, trillions of dollars of future investments and the safety of millions of people rely on the efficient, reliable use of those spectrum assets. Through measurement, monitoring, and protection of spectrum assets, thinkRF’s SXM system enables owners, users, and the public to receive maximum benefit of this critical resource.

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