GaN Power-Conversion Solutions Eye Next-Gen Apps

May 23, 2023
GaN-based FETs and ICs enable higher efficiency, smaller size and weight, and lower cost in demanding power circuits.

This video appeared in Electronic Design and has been published here with permission.

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EPC, a leader in enhancement-mode gallium-nitride (GaN) FETs and ICs, delivered multiple technical presentations on GaN technology and showcased applications at PCIM Europe 2023 in Nuremburg. We spoke with the company's Founder and CEO, Alex Lidow, about the power industry and how it's being impacted by GaN devices.

EPC displayed its latest GaN solutions in real-world applications, including a 48-V dc power system for vehicle electrification, motor drives for robotics, eMobility, and drones, plus best-in-class 48-V dc power density for computing and telecommunications as well as highly efficient and reliable solar power.

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