EB zoneo Tackles Software-Defined Vehicle Architecture

March 22, 2023
Elektrobit’s modular architecture makes creation of automotive network solutions fast, flexible, and secure.

This video appeared in Electronic Design and has been published here with permission.

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Software-defined cars are the future, and the amount of networking, sensors, engine control units (ECUs) and compute engines continues to soar. The volume of software is on the rise as well, making use of frameworks and other middleware critical to reducing time-to-market while improving safety and system performance. 

Elektrobit addresses the in-vehicle network aspect with its EB zoneo. The portfolio includes the EB zoneo SwitchCore that targets automotive-grade network switches, EB zoneo SwitchCore Shield to protect against cybersecurity threats, and EB zoneo VSwitcha virtualization module that mimics switch functionality in a virtual-machine environment. 

I talked with Jan Ruediger, head of Engineering Center Americas Realtime Computing at Elektrobit, about EB zoneo and software-defined car architectures (see the video above)

EB zoneo Switch is designed to move high-level network features such as routing, security, and gateway support into an intelligent switch, thereby offloading the processors within the network. This also helps minimize network overhead and communication dependencies for ECUs. It supports 802.1 time-sensitive-networking (TSN) and AVB protocols plus update-over-Ethernet.