One-Chip Radar Ready for Traffic Monitoring, Mining, and Logistics

March 21, 2023
The sensor provides the full capability of NXP’s third-generation 28-nm RFCMOS, long-range detection—2 to 300 meters worth of detection range—plus elevation sensing.

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Advanced driving-assistance systems (ADAS) often employ radar. On that front, NXP's SAF85xx RFCMOS automotive, solid-state radar family supports these types of applications, including those for self-driving cars (see figure). The system-on-chip (SoC), which utilizes frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) technology, can handle 76- to 81-GHz frequencies for automotive radar. I talked with Matthias Feulner, NXP's Senior Director for ADAS, about solid-state radar and NXP's offering (see video above)

The SAF85xx includes a radar transceiver integrated into a compute engine that includes Arm Cortex-A53 and Arm Cortex-M7 cores. The transceiver incorporates four transmitters and four receivers along with the ADC support, phase rotator, low-phase-noise VCO, SPT radar accelerator, and BBE32 Vector DSP. The family is ISO 26262-compliant and suitable for ASIL Level B applications. It's designed to meet SHE+, EVITA Full security requirements through its HSE security engine.